Day 1 – 9AM


– Mr. Bernie Chua

OG Vision & New Star Achiever program

– Mr. Paul Caldwell

Our Journey in Organo for 8 years

– Bon & Min (Diamond)


– Christelle Robert – Host

Training session 1

Enroll for Success

– Wendy Abel (Emerald)

Building in adversity

Edgardo Zagaceta (Diamond)

My Story, My Dreams

– Namfon Piyarat Pongwaraphimok (Diamond)

Why Organo

– Mayme Woranin Tanitkorntanathaa (Diamond)

Message from our ORGANO COO

– Mike Batistelli

Training session 2

How to Manage & Grow Your Business

– Paul Charlton (Ruby)

Training session 3

Star Achiever

– Nicole Conradie (Emerald)

Star Achievers & Super Star Achievers

– Hosted by Sara Marinelli & Alessia Anitori

Global Growth Bonus

– Hosted by Elcin Birben

Training session 4

How To Create a Strong Team

– Riccardo Benato (Blue Diamond)

Dare to Share your Story

– Casey Nilsen Martin (Blue Diamond)

Product Teaser

– Mili Arias

Training session 5

The Power of Knowing What you Want

– Dianne Solano (Diamond) 

How to Build a Business Part-time

– Dr Robert Rakowski (Blue Diamond)

Exclusive Promo Announcement

Day 2 – 9AM

Opening & Bags for Life

– Shella Chua


– Bonita Muntz

Skincare testimonials

– Marta Capodacqua (Emerald)

VIP, Platinum, Platinum Elite

– Hosted by Edward Vargas

Product testimonials

Training session 1

Get Ready to Grow!

– Pete Cohen (Emerald)

Whatever Decided, Always Done!

– Chanthanome Phimmachanh NANA (Diamond)

Training session 2

How to never give up

– Luis Alberto Daza (Diamond)

Training session 3

Organo Lifestyle

– Marta Pozsgai (Diamond)

Sapphire, Ruby

Hosted by Cornelle Van Graan

Training session 4

4 Steps & Being a Product of the Product

– Gyorgi Bakos (Ruby)

Finding Your WHY

– Zaf Khan (Sapphire)

Building & Supporting your Team

– Karin Ferro (Ruby)

Coaching for Success

– Szilvia Glotzne Blonski (Ruby)

Building Towards Events

– Maribel Torres & Javier Salazar (Emerald)

Leadership Training

– Szilveszter Gyulai (Diamond)

Organo Lifestyle

– Joshua Campbell (Sapphire)


– Dorothy Anderson

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Business

– Danielle Sammartino (Emerald)

Social Media

– Emily Morrow (Diamond)

Training session 5

Learn From a Journey of Success

– Blanca Sachtouras (Crown Ambassador)

Leadership Training

– Special Guest: Eric Worre

90 Day Game Plan

– Mr. Paul Caldwell

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